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Museums of Zella-Mehlis



Lots of people think, if they visit one city museum they know everyone because they are all similar. But our museums are different!

Come for a visit to see how a museum can be – clearly divided, informative, interesting arranged – and you will know what the world would be without Zella-Mehlis – unthinkable!

Set off for a 360° Panorama-Tour  through our museums!

Zella-Mehlis has a large history!
In both museums, Stadtmuseum in der Beschußanstalt  and Technisches Museum Gesenkschmiede, you will get to know more about the past of our town, about their celebrities, about inventions, special qualities in sports and industries and you will get a different view on Zella-Mehlis!
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100 Jahre Zella-Mehlis






Erlebnispark Meeresaquarium

Explorata Mitmachwelt

Galerie im Bürgerhaus

Schmieden in der Gesenkschmiede

Thüringer Wald Card

360° Panorama-Tour!

City Museum

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Technical Museum

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Dear museum friends and visitors,

we very much regret that the museums of the city of Zella-Mehlis will be closed with immediate effect due to measures against the spread of the coronavirus.

The town museum in the shelling station can be reached by telephone (0 36 82 46 46 98) from Monday to Friday from 10-15 hrs. In the Technical Museum Drop Forge you can leave messages on the answering machine. For inquiries concerning all museums you can reach us by e-mail (

Stay healthy!