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Stadtmuseum in der Beschußanstalt

Das Stadtmuseum

In the former proof house of Zella.Mehlis (Beschußanstalt) weapons were proofed of their solidity over almost 50 years. The prominent industrial building, built in 1893, was completly renovated until 2002 and now houses the city museum with its topics history of the town, industrial history and folklore of Zella-Mehlis.

The exhibitions show topics like:
  • development of the territory til the end of the 1970th
  • geology and mining
  • trade of the gunsmith
  • weapon proof
  • exhibition of weapons of Zella-Mehlis
  • car manufacture
  • office machines of MERCEDES
  • history of sport
  • traditional costumes of Thuringia
  • agriculture, livestock farming, forestry, pasture farming, history of shepherds
  • famous persons of Zella-Mehlis
Our offer for you:
  • an interessting and pleasent visit as well as an expert care
  • guidance through the exhibition for every age (after appointment »)
  • events, projects e.g. for school classes (after appointment »)
  • extensive offer of literature and souvenirs
  • parking place in Anspelstraße

  Signet RollstuhlfahrerThe city museum is suitable for wheelchairs.


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Stadtmuseum in der Beschußanstalt

Anspelstraße 25
98544 Zella-Mehlis

Telefon: 03682-46 46 98 / 99
Telefax: 03682-46 47 30

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City Museum

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Opening hours

City Museum and Technical Museum

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
10:00 to 17:00
(Last admission 4:30 pm

Wednesday rest day

Saturday, Sunday and holidays
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
(Last admission 3:30 pm)

The museums are closed for four days:
Neujahr, Christi Himmelfahrt, Heilig Abend und Silvester.
Museum of local history Benshausen
Opening hours on request

Phone: +49 36843 72518-0
fax: +49 36843 72518-22